Follower Difference

What do you think about Compare vs KATY PERRY?


Twitter Real-Time is the best way to check your Follower Count on Twitter updated in real-time! Data seen on Twitter might be inacurate or delayed, that's why came with idea for Twitter Live Follower Count Page!

All data (Follower Count, Name, Profile Pictures) comes from official Twitter API Service. All counts are updated every 2 seconds and are guaranteed to be as accurate as possible!

To search for specific channel simply click "Change User" button below Follower Count Box, type your favorite creator's username and you're good to go! This IS NOT case-sensitive thus you type for example "Cristiano" or "cRistIaNo" and it should still work!

If you're interested in watching Follower Count battle then navigate to Compare Page below Follower Count Box or on Navigation Bar.

Thanks for using Twitter Live Follower Count! If you have any idea to improve the website then feel free to get in touch with us it on our Twitter page.