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YouTube Live Subscriber Count is the easiest way to show any channel's subscriber count updated in real-time! is the first website ever with estimated subscriber counts for everyone! A lot of people are missing Live Subscriber Counts after YouTube's Abbreviation Update, therefore Livecounts decided to make an alternative for it! All counts are updated whenever API returns new Subscriber Count to make it semi-accurate. If channel isn't in our database, then Subscriber Count data is taken from YouTube's API.

To search for a YouTube channel simply type your Search Query into the search box! You can type literally anything that YouTube supports. Example:

• Channel ID (Example: UCaEk4apVOqy-sFVh3xnpJyw)

• Channel Name (Example: Shaz)

• Channel Username (Example: ShazOG)

• Channel URL (Example:

• Search Query (Example: Shaz)

Currently we're offering estimated subscriber counts for Top 100 Most Subscribed channels on YouTube (And still counting!)

If you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to DM me on Twitter or if you prefer, write e-mail by clicking here.


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