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Live View Count is the best way to check any youtube video's view count updated in real-time!

All data (Thumbnail, Title, View count) comes from official Youtube API Service. All counts are updated every 3 seconds and are guaranteed to be as accurate as possible!

To search for specific channel simply click "Change Video" button below the View Count Box, type your favorite video's name and you're good to go! This IS NOT case-sensitive thus you type for example "Despacito" or "desPacIto" and it should still work!

If you're interested in watching View Count comparision then navigate to Compare Page below View Count Box or on Navigation Bar.

Thanks for using Live View Count! If you have any idea to improve the website then feel free to get in touch with us it on our Twitter page.

Live View Count

This time we will talk about a relatively new tool that will allow you to count the live views of a popular video on the Internet, without the need to follow a large number of steps, and with live and direct results, I present to you Live View Count.

What is Live View Count?

Sometimes we find ourselves in the need to find audiovisual content that is trending on the Internet. There is an endless number of very popular platforms, such as YouTube and Vimeo, where you can easily find the latest videos of your favorite singers or groups. Now, you must take into account that certain metrics are used by platforms to determine if a video generates impact and trend in the public, and this main metric is the count of views.

The view count is the value generated from the total number of users who have viewed the video. When a video is brand new, its view count is zero, then if you proceed to be the first user to watch it, the count will increase to 1, and so on until you have a total value (which will increase) of all users who have seen the content.

Live View Count lets you know that value, with an additional feature: you can see the count of views live and direct. What does this mean? That you can see how many users have seen and are currently watching the video of your choice.

What is Live View Count for?

There is an infinity of purposes as to why it is useful to use Live View Counter. In certain cases, it may be your hobby to know which of the videos published in the same week has the highest number of views, and in this way, you could prioritize one content over the other. In other cases, if you work in marketing and need to promote some content, either with advertising or with a promotional element, the live view counts give you greater engagement and confidence when promoting such content.

On the other hand, some music companies, such as record labels, may be interested in the view counts of their publications, as this value is a clear reference of how positioned they are concerning their competitors. A video that has 1,000 more live views in contrast to the competition, will make the label make decisions to increase the reach of audiovisual content, through both organic and paid marketing strategies.

Why is it important to have Live View Count?

The main reason Live View Count is a must-have tool for discovering the view count of a live video is because of its accuracy.

Most audiovisual platforms indeed have a view counter that tells you how many people exactly have seen the video, but this is not accurate and is updated from time to time. The YouTube view counter can indicate many visits, but, since they are not precise, you do not know if that value is increasing exponentially, or less than expected. Therefore, the best option, if we want to know the views of this type of publication, is with the live visit counters, and in this way, you will have an accurate, precise, and reliable value so that your target audience can know with total accuracy the number of video views.


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