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About Swabhiman Samiti

The Swabhiman Samiti is a Non-Government Organization. It is registered under the Society Registration Act 21/1860. It is based upon the Gandhian Philosophy – Non-Violence (Ahinsa), Local self Governance (Gram Swaraj), and Sustainable livelihood (Rojgaar). The Swabhiman Samiti started its work in 2004, in the 5 villages of the Nichlaul Block of the Mahrajganj district with a thrust for changing the condition of the deprived people of the society. Swabhiman Samiti Program areas/ Core program issues/ program sector: 1. Livelihood 2. Poverty alleviation 3. Education 4. Health 5. Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) 6. Women and Child right Visit:- swabhimansamiti.org

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